Saturday, April 25, 2009

sometimes goats just go out for a pack of cigarettes and never come back

as most of you have probably already noticed...the goat is gone

and the new header may or may not be familiar to you...i had been using it over at colostomy grab-bag (which if you haven't already done...go and check it out...all new and improved and smelling like your gramma's purse)

i was involved in a staring contest with the header a few days ago (in which i won...never look when someone says " that the cast of friends re-enacting the texas chainsaw massacre?"'ll lose every time)...and the more i looked at it...the more i thought that it would be more at home over here...and i mean...come on...who wouldn't want a neighbor like that?...he has his own trolley dammit

so...he'll be sticking around awhile

and if you really miss the goat (or as his parents call him...zeke) and you want him back...i'll see what i can do...i'll just have to start saving up aluminum cans and porn


shire said...

first time commenter, long time reader here:
can i make some suggestions/requests? stuff you might have, or possibly don't have:
Facedowninshit, snack truck, mouth of the architect....?

have any of those jams?

Mars said...

And with the Swine Bird Man Flu pandemic upon us, the gallows humor within couldn't be more apropos!

ipecac said...


you'd more than likely find things such as that over at the other blog...just keep checking back

you can also find a lovely bacon casserole over there as bring a bib...and not to worry...i've also laid some plastic down

TONA said...

Mighty fine blog, dear Sir, its been a while since i ve browsed thru sucha
amazing posts...cheers!

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