Saturday, April 25, 2009

Part Chimp - Chart Pimp

Label: Rock Action
Year: 2002

It should come as no surprise that Part Chimp are pretty big around these parts ("these parts" being my earholes, which aren't that big, so I'm not sure how relatively large Part Chimp could then be surmised to be...sorry), and we feel they should be held on high as the rock-n-roll masters that they are.
This record was their first lp for Rock Action, and it pretty much lets you know what you need to know about knowing this band. Know what I mean? Over-distorted everything. Nothing is quiet or subtle, everything is in the red, blasting at full volume. Completely perfect in it's execution, and a record not to be missed. If you need touchstones, how about Lightning Bolt cover And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead? Seems about right.
If you live outside of the UK, Monitor Records has re-released this album and you can purchase it from them. I would have included a link, but their website appears to be it've bought a record before right? 


julius orange said...

whatever happened to these guys. everything they put out was awesome.

Gray said...

they have a new album coming out this summer called "Thriller". if it's anything like their past releases it'll be a fucking jam.

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