Sunday, April 26, 2009

Godflesh / Loop - Loopflesh

Label: Clawfist
Year 1991

Ah yes, the ole' you cover my band and I'll cover yours split release trick. It's a tried and true way to pad the repertoire, and usually with decent results.
Well, this time around you got two pretty awesome bands, so the outcome would seem destined for greatness. Loop cover "Like Rats", and are pretty faithful to the original, it's a much gnarlier version of Loop than you may be expecting. Godflesh do "Straight To Your Heart", and, what do you know, it sounds like a Godflesh jam although a bit more meandering. Go figure. The bands are listed as Loopflesh and Fleshloop which is just adorable, I mean, seriously adorable.
This was part of the Clawfist Singles Club, and limited to 1400 copies, so chances are, you don't have the original vinyl (nor do I), so here's your chance to snag the songs.
If you're a fan of either band, this is well worth your time.


Azbest said...

Thanks, nice stuff.

freaknhell said...

awesome blog with some true gems. thanks!

Dangerbird said...

i did have this, but corrupted the file somehow.

Mr Deadman said...

any chance of a reupload, lost my copy & file is now deleted, must have it again

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