Sunday, October 4, 2009

it's pronounced chow-day-uh....

what i'm going to do here is post some bands from new england in alphabetical order

why am i doing this?...because it's a sunday afternoon...i'm at home with nothing to do...and i can (coincidentally...clam chowder has been known to be found in a can learn here at SGM as well)

and i know what most of you are already thinking: "clutch aren't from new england. last time i checked...maryland was...well...not in new england"

and i know that some of you had to actually google that business up

but they're close enough...and i want to post the with it

so get your crackers and spoon ready....

clutch - transnational speedway league... (released 1993)
DL: transnational speedway league

before they became the "stoner rock jam band" they are nowadays...they were more of a concoction of groove metal and hardcore tendencies...and if you hadn't seen a picture of frontman neil fallon before listening to this album you'd think he was a burly mountain man that would kill you if you looked at his beard the wrong way...COME ON MUTHAFUCKAH LET'S THROW DOWN! indeed

honkeyball - self-titled (released 1994)
DL: honkeyball

right off the bat you can tell these boys from boston were fans of the above mentioned album as they mix that up an early alice in chains can't listen to the song "kemosabi" and not think of clutch's "passive restraints" (which is found on the PASSIVE RESTRAINTS EP released back in if you'll notice the dates on both'll see that may not be a coincidence)...but don't get me wrong...they were more than just clutch's little brother following them around being all like "me too! me too!"...on the band's later releases they took on a more varied sound...but the clutch is still there

non compos mentis - smile when you hate (released 1997)
DL: smile when you hate

the band's other album can be found here (and i suggest that if you don't already have it already...sop that shit up)...this band is/was something to be afraid of...there's just something very unhinged about them...and the music itself is just threatening...they could have very well given deadguy a decent run for their money (and there aren't many bands that i can say that about)...if the apocalypse were a tour...these folks would be closing the show

sam black church - boston ep (released 1992)
DL: boston ep

you can find one of the band's other albums here....this is one of those bands that as you're listening to them you find yourself thinking "man...i need to start a band"....from the buzzsaw sound of the guitar to the unhinged vocals (yes...i realize that i just used that term up there...but there's really no way to describe them as anything else) to the almost thrash-like i'd stated in the review of their SUPERCHRIST album: this is the perfect melding of early clutch and the bad brains (before the dreadlocks fully took hold)...they also supply you with a cover of the jam "disco inferno" just can't stop until your spot gets hot

tree - downsizing the american dream (released 1996)
DL: downsizing the american dream

i'd recently unearthed this album by going through some old crap on the computer...and it had been awhile since i'd listened to it...and there's good cause for what i'm about to say may ruffle a few feathers and whatnot...but honestly...this band really didn't do all that much for me...they sound like so many other bands...a not so tough guy biohazard...older rollins band...and i don't know why....but they remind me of the nu metal band reveille (they're not rappy like they were...i think it might be the vocals)...and some older life of agony....and here's a bit of trivia for you all: they cover the all american anthem "this land is your land" with some help on vocals by a one keith morris and minnie driver...that's right...she of GOOD WILL HUNTING fame...crazy but it's why am i posting this if i don't really like it all that much?....for you of i'm sure there are a few of you out there that would want this


julius orange said...

that sbc ep fucking rules. good post. growing up in boston that whole scene was pretty awesome. another criminally overlooked band around that time was kudgel.

Tyler D said...

Clutch, but no Scissorfight???

ipecac said...

scissorfight is more of a CGB band

i did post their MANTRAPPING FOR SPORT AND PROFIT album over there

1009 said...

When I saw the NE focus I thought for sure there'd be some Quintaine Americana. I mean there should be anyhow. I had *Decade of the Brain* dog's years back but probably left it in New England.

Anonymous said...

Quintaine Americana were my favorite Boston band of that time, thanks 1009.

I'd love a live bootleg. Their albums are great but don't sound like they did live. I'd love to hear that again even on a crappy recording.

"Dark Thirty", "Sharpshooter Blues", "the Devil Went Down to Mississipi" were closer to what they sounded like in person than "Needles" or "Decade of the Brain", at least to me, which is weird because they were later and it's usually the other way around.

They were fun and noisy and unhinged and just great at what they did.

Of course, in deference to "Needles," there are few songs cooler than "Retarded Whore."

1009 said...

I did see them live once -- must have been spring of 98 or so, probably at TT's. Great show, pretty enthusiastic (albeit small) crowd.

Mars said...

Really? Ugh.

My old band Lummox opened for Tree in '91 in Portland, Me - they were fucking freaked. I've got the gig on video. Better than Sam Black Church, I can promise that!

Keep it in the dojo, Daniel San!

CAPTCHA: 'hasteri'

Beckett said...


Anonymous said...

Clutch is from Maryland. Maryland is not in New England. Nothing south of Massachusetts is New England (Connecticut can fuck off and die).

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