Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Non Compos Mentis - The Rats Know Him

Year: 1999
Label: Tortuga

Ah yes...ugly music. Sweet, sweet, nasty, ugly music.
Hailing from Burlington, Vermont this band was riding the crest of that "Hydrahead" sound of the late nineties. You remember that sound? It was the amalgamation of the mid-nineties screamo sound (Still Life, Mohinder, Angel Hair, etc) with jarring technical metal and it was made most famous by Converge. I think, and I believe I stated this opinion on this very blog earlier, that Converge are a bad Today Is The Day cover band. I only mention that, not to bag on Converge (and I doubt my feelings on the subject either way will effect that band's fan base), but to give a frame of reference, and assert that Non Compos Mentis are better than Converge, they are better than fellow Vermonters Drowningman as well. They compare to say, Cable. Does that mean anything to you? It's meant to be a compliment, as Cable were a great band. How about Deadguy? We all know Deadguy, yes? They have some similarities to Deadguy.
Maybe this is a bit metallic for this blog, and maybe it would have gone better on Colostomy Grab Bag, but I was already here posting the Pipe record, and frankly, it doesn't seem that CGB is getting the traffic that Shiny Grey Monotone is, so you'll have to contend with it here. Rest assured though, I feel confident you can handle it. I wouldn't have set it out here if I didn't. 


Anonymous said...

holy fuck, this is good. never heard of this until now. i'm impressed!

Jose Fritz said...

They were so great.

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