Friday, July 25, 2008

fiREHOSE - fromohio

released in 1989

this was the first in many mike watt endeavors after the ending of the minutemen (singer/guitarist d. boon was killed in a van accident while on the way to arizona in 1985)

the band was started after a minuteman fan from ohio named ed crawford (who went on to play guitar and sing in fiREHOSE) found mike watt's phone number and called him saying that he wanted to form a band with him and minutemen drummer george hurley

they went on to release 5 albums (this being their third) and 2 eps before breaking up in 1994


Anonymous said...

Awesome. More please!

Salmagundi Syncopation said...

Thanks for fIREHOSE!

One Kid Germ said...

Thanks for the firehose! Your blog is great! Check mine!

Anonymous said...

I personally think that fIREHOSE is better than the Minutemen for records like this. great, great album! so good it makes me want to stop eating

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