Wednesday, July 30, 2008

nig-heist - snort my load

originally released in 1983 (re-released in 1997 with extra songs as a discography)

the band consisted of black flag roadie mugger on vocals...and had a revolving door of members (which consisted of various members of black flag and crew...members of SST records...d. boon of minutemen fame...and ian mckaye of then minor threat fame)

they'd frequently open for black flag...playing "cock rock"...taking the stage half-nude and wearing wigs...taunting the punks in the audience

and they"cover" the velvet underground song "here she comes now" (tongue in cheek-ily titled "if she ever comes")

the cover of the album was supposedly drawn by devo's mark mothersbaugh

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Icky said...

" Classy record".
Tits blog.
What's a guy got to do to get a link back from you guys?
I've been representing you guys for a while now ;)

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