Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Skryptor - Luminous Volumes

Year: 2019
Label: Skin Graft / Sleeping Giant Glossolalia / Aqualamb

While I wait (and wait) for some new Craw material to miraculously be birthed from the bosoms of the Cleveland Flats, I must take some semblance of solace in the knowledge that David McClelland is making new music...and that's something.
The former Craw guitarist has teamed up with Dazzling Killman's Tim Garrigan, and Hank Schteamer from Stats (the guy responsible for the Craw reissues as well) to form the serpentine math metal equation Skryptor. A climbing tower of densely intertwined vines that threaten to fully blot out the sun, or come crashing to earth in the process. It's legit fusion we're talking about. Possibly nuclear fusion, but definitely a fusion of noise rock, free jazz, art metal, and progressive rock. No vocals, just some labyrinth riffs flying hither and yon, and a rhythm section doing their damndest to hold the wheel.
You would impress the dudes at Guitar Center with these fiery fretboard theatrics. Put it that way. new Craw material yet. I'm not sure how much longer I have to live...will somebody please get me Choke Inc. on the phone?!


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Anonymous said...

it's been over ten years since you promised to upload more Guilt! jeez.

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