Friday, October 18, 2019

shithaus - live crush '84-'85

released: 1985
label: none

it would appear that grAy beat me to the posting of this by a couple of years.
i came across this and was all excited and couldn't wait to post it.
i then came to the blog to double-check it and there it was.
and then the excitement went away.
this isn't the first time that grAy has taken away my excitement.
all i'm saying is that you should never invite him to your birthday party and leave him alone with your kick-ass TRANSFORMERS birthday cake.

and now a few words from grAy himself....

"This band features the talents of, Jon Spencer, Tod Ashley, Tom Fry, and Jaime Jacquin when they were students in Providence, Rhode Island, before going on to form Pussy Galore (Spencer) and Cop Shoot Cop (Ashley) among their myriad other projects. 
While not the greatest sound quality, this cassette was recorded live, and during a radio broadcast on Rhode Island station 90.1 WRIU during a show called Noise With Neville where the band had to alter their moniker to Knocked Up Teens in order to spare the wrath of the FCC. Still, you get the early industrial vibe of Cop Shoot Cop with what seems to be homemade metallic percussion instrumentation, plodding bass lines, and some nasty guitar screeches. Kinda lo-fi Foetus? Maybe? I'm not exactly sure how to categorize it, so you'll have to listen to it yourself and figure out if this is a historical footnote, or a diamond in the rough."


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