Friday, October 18, 2019

drive like jehu - bullet train to vegas / hand over fist 7"

released: 1992
label: merge records

if'n you were to come across this is a record store it just might have one of those "for fans of..." stickers on it and perhaps some of those bands would be: fugazi/shellac/polvo/metz.

"waitaminute,guy. metz wasn't even a band back then. so,uh...."

do you know that for a fact,sir?
you're going to come in here and try to tell me that i for a fact didn't see them open for fugazi in chicago while on the IN ON THE KILL TAKER tour?
you're going to have to try harder than that,sir.
and i'm pretty sure that metz were mentioned in the bible.
who do you think the house band was during the last supper?
i was there,bro.
"and jesus said "let there be "wet blanket" and then it was so."
i'm not going to stand here and try to convince you of anything.
i have better things that i could be doing.
actually i'm late for something.
i have to take black sabbath to play a school dance back in 1955.
oh yeah.
i have a time machine.
you could've just asked me about that.
gotta go now.
one more thing....
i'm your father.


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