Tuesday, October 8, 2019

v/a - fiesta comes alive!

released: 1997
label: slap a ham records

you know how them slap a ham boys like to throw down....
it all goes by in a blur.
you know a little something about that,huh?
prom night?
does that ring a bell?
you slapped a little ham that night.
it was short.
it was fast.
and oh yeah....
it was loud.
to those that were in the next room it was said that it sounded as if an elephant and a cat were dying.
i don't even want to know what that sounds like.
it's a good thing that i was unpopular in high school.
no school functions for me.
it was all chess team and asthma inhalers for this guy.
oh yeah!

so this....
this has got some of your capitalist casualties and some of your discordance axis and some of your man is the bastard and some of your spazz and the like.

if'n you're wanting to know the track listing go here.


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