Monday, October 28, 2019

ministry - just another fix

released: 1995
label: warner bros. records

you know how awesome the PSALM 69 album is.
fuck yeah you do.
you're not the only one that's cranked the "corrosion"/"grace" combo to 11 in order to clear a room after a shindig.
we've all ding-a-ding-danged our dang-a-long-ling-long.
we've all connected the goddamn dots!
good times.

this was released as an australasian tour souvenir.
"what does that even mean? they toured a pelican album? how does that even...."
it means that it was only released in australia and new zealand and some of the surrounding areas when they were touring behind the PSALM 69 album as a promo.
so there you go.

1 - scarecrow (12.17.92 - denver,co)
2 - just one fix (12.17.92 - denver,co)
3 - hero (12.21.92 - seattle,wa)
4 - psalm 69 (12.20.92 - vancouver,canada)
5 - tv song (12.17.92 - denver,co)
6 - n.w.o. (8.25.92 - charlotte,nc)


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