Monday, October 28, 2019

v/a - industrial accident box: cash grab edition*

released: 2019
label: wax trax! records

*=kinda sorta

this was limited to 1000 copies.
maybe you were one of the lucky few that had the $140 to snag one up.
thumbs up on that one,kid.

as you can clearly see that there's no vinyl here.
there's no book.
there's no movie.
there's no poster.
there's no this or that ot the other.

what i'm providing you with today are 2 7" and a "cassette" filled with answering machine messages and messages from folks having orders that need to be filled and someone wanting to borrow some pee wee herman tapes so he can watch them and other "general fuckery".

you don't need any of this?
you already have all of this?
why are you here?
also: what's your address again and what time do you usually go to bed?


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