Friday, October 25, 2019

guilt - a comprehensive guide to anger composed in drop d

released: 1999
label: nerd rock records

this is me fulfilling a dream....

someone had recently asked for this to be re-posted because they'd been patiently waiting since 2009. yeah. we saw you,kid. we noticed you trying to break into the SGM offices. we have cameras. we'd sit around during lunch and watch the security footage. we weren't upset with you. you got moxie. we'd even started setting food out for you but you never took any of it. that's understandable. would you really accept a sandwich from us?

it was grAy that had originally posted this and seeing as he's be disappearing more and more (we're not really sure of his whereabouts all the time was he's found the tracking device and removed it) i've decided to post it up. so without further ado....

"Guilt were born of the fertile Louisville punk and hardcore scene and belong to the same family tree that brings us Endpoint, By The Grace Of God, The Aasee Lake, Enkindel, Elliot, and Ink And Dagger among others. This particular record is a compilation of vinyl and rare releases, although it doesn't contain the "Further" ep for whatever reason. It begins with the Stepdown demo from 1991 which is the straight ahead hardcore band that spawned Guilt as an Endpoint side project. It's pretty much by the numbers hardcore that really serves as a point of departure to gauge how far, or how much better, this band got as they aged. Once you get into the actual Guilt material, they pick up where Stepdown leaves off, but continue to spiral into more complex and interesting territory, taking cues from the Louisville scene elders, Slint and tempering the hardcore with math rock and big dynamics. Once you get to the halfway point in this record it's like listening to a new band, a much better band, a more evolved and sophisticated band. That being said, it's still heavy hardcore based stuff, but more interesting than a lot of their contemporaries. 
At some point I'll post the Bardstown Ugly Box lp and Further record, as those are the most fleshed out of Guilt's catalog, but for some good kick in the gut hardcore, this one does just fine." -taken from grAy's original posting


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thank you. any chance you can do their other stuff as well?

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