Wednesday, October 2, 2019

nirvana - 12.13.93 - pier 48 - seattle,wa

what i've brought to you today is the rehearsal for the show that would be known as LIVE AND LOUD.

fun fact: also playing were the breeders and cypress hill. pearl jam was supposed to be there as well but pulled out (teehee) because eddie vedder had gotten the flu so nirvana offered to play a longer set.

fun fact II: the show was originally supposed to happen in new york city but pearl jam wanted it to happen in seattle.

fun fact III: you didn't come here for useless information. i know why you're here. you want my chili recipe. good luck with that. it's located in a bunker somewhere in montana. come on now. do you think that i'd actually dedicate any of my memory to that? if'n i did that i couldn't keep all of that useless crap info up there. example: did you know the same gun killed both john f. kennedy AND kurt cobain? oh yeah. example: the night elvis presley showed up at the white house to meet richard nixon they switched bodies because elvis didn't want to be elvis anymore. richard nixon had absolutely no idea what was going on. there was a picture taken during the transformation. it happened with a handshake.

1 - (partial) very ape
2 - radio friendly unit shifter (cuts out)
3 - drain you
4 - (partial) breed
5 - (partial) serve the servants
6 - serve the servants (aborted)
7 - serve the servants (aborted)
8 - (partial) rape me
9 - sliver (aborted)
10 - sliver (aborted)
11 - sliver (aborted)
12 - (partial) sliver
13 - (partial) pennyroyal tea
14 - (partial) scentless apprentice
15 - (partial) all apologies


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