Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wymyn's Prysyn - Head In A Vice

Label: Drugged Conscience
Year: 2014

Is this the final Wymyn's Prysyn we will ever be privy to? A swansong, if you will? Is Europe's 'The Final Countdown' playing in the background as I type?
Fucking hope not...the world needs this kind of band. I need this kind of band. You don't even know!
An Atlanta supergroup of sorts (meaning, they've all worked at a supermarket at some point), on this recording they are a true power trio. Power to spare even. That all killer, no filler kinda power. The members on this record were:
Josh Feigert - GG King, Uniform, Camaro Crotch, Transvestite
Andrew Wiggans - Hawks, Blame Game, GG King, Uniform, Caesium Mine
Bobby Michaud - Grids, Double Negative, GG King, Uniform, Mutual Jerk
Musically, it's maybe a more focused version of Wymyn's Prysyn? Still super fun to listen to, but the keg's floated and somebody is passing around a bottle of Tullamore Dew...the mood is shifting a bit. There's that undercurrent, the buzzing feeling that a fist fight could break out at any moment. But rest assured, though these dudes aren't trying to start anything, that's not their bag. Still hear Hammerhead and Vaz in this album. The Hot Snakes references have diminished, but you can hear some of their mathy take on Wipers still. You could draw a legit Meat Wave comparison as well. Mix all that up, and here we are. Wymyn's Prysyn. If you haven't heard it, you need to hear it. They're one of the best bands to fly under the radar in a long time.



Antiquities said...

Saw them at Total Punk Fuck Off II and loved it.

I didn't realize the blame game connection. Saw those guys a few times in the early 00s and liked them a lot too.

jonder said...

Thanks for this one, and much respect to you for 10+ years of blogging.

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