Saturday, August 28, 2010

dope firearms -n- fornicating in the streets: an amphetamine reptile retrospective

this was a little something i and cara put together back in june for the chocolate bicycle experience

seeing as how the amrep bash kicks off today (well...i guess you could say that it started last night with a free lollipop/unsane show)...i feel that this is the right time to repost this business

and seeing as how i'm here typing this...i'm not in minneapolis right now...and i'll never get to swap haircare secrets with buzzo...and i won't get to tell steve austin to calm down...and i won't get to tell gay witch abortion that i can no longer name a child that because they beat me to the name...and i won't...

well...let's just say that there's plenty of what i won't be doing

but what i will be doing is throwing my own amrep bash in my backyard...just me sans clothing cranking this very mix while running around covered in vegetable oil (as for what the neighbors will be thinking..."ok look...he's doing it again...get the camera")

but i assure you...i will be there for the 50th bash...even if it is just me doing the same in grumpy's parking lot

and of're all invited

1 - halo of flies - ballad of extreme hate
2 - cows - saliva of the fittest
3 - tad - obscene hand
4 - boss hog - big fish
5 - cosmic psychos - the man who drank too much
6 - u-men - that's wild about jack
7 - gnomes of zurich - huzzah's good deed
8 - helmet - primitive*
9 - godheadsilo - lotion pocket
10 - lubricated goat - goats and the men who ride them
11 - s.w.a.t. - in the ghetto**
12 - heroine sheiks - let's fight
13 - guzzard - asleep on the go line
14 - calvin krime - fantabuloso
15 - gay witch abortion w/ halo of flies - drinking with yow
16 - janitor joe - big metal birds
17 - tar - viaduct removal
18 - chokebore - coat
19 - lowercase - palace vaccine
20 - unsane - scrape
21 - melvins - real fucking nasty
22 - silver salute - the shit
23 - haze xxl w/ david yow - infestation of buffalo
24 - mog stunt team - king of the retards
25 - surgery - breeding
26 - today is the day - come on down and get saved
27 - king snake roost - gutterbreath
28 - vertigo - like i'm already dead
29 - servotron - matrix of perfection
30 - gaunt - insangel
31 - supernova - sugar coated stucco
32 - hammerhead - moleboy
33 - casus belli - telemarketing
34 - mama tick - breathe out
35 - love 666 - ball and chain
36 - god bullies - let's go to hell
37 - helios creed - go blind
38 - the jesus lizard - pop song
39 - hedonists - deepest secret fear
40 - the thrown ups - person in my bowel (is sad)

*=killing joke cover
**=a somewhat elvis presley cover

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2


Chewy Palmer said...

I will ride my Pee Wee Herman bike up to the chocolate bicycle van for free candy!

ipecac said...

anytime we drive that van's like we're going fishing

Anonymous said...

I'm downloading what says is the new Helmet-Seeing Eye Dog. Will have to listen to it to see if it is the band that was once part of the am rep stable of stallions. Well I un-rared it and turned off 'Idlewild South' it sounds like the Helmet we know and love with a different singer!

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