Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the shiny grey chocolate bicycle monotone experience

some of you may remember SGM having a radio show

but suddenly disappeared

there's been a's best that you stay indoors with the blinds drawn...your windows/doors locked...and your pets safely tucked away somewhere

and some of you are probably asking yourself "what is this chocolate bicycle experience? and why does it remind me of summers on my uncle's farm?"

you see...after the SGM radio show went away (along with the SIR ARMADILDO VENTRILOQUEEF show...that one is still out there...somewhere...)...i'd decided to pull both shows together somehow...and once a month...SGM will drag itself out of the basement...use your bathroom/ all of your pudding pies...and then leave again like nothing ever happened (but you'll notice some socks missing)

and for all of this business...i somehow got SGM's own cara to come along...and i didn't even have to use any duct tape or bbq sauce (sadly)

1 - killdozer - hamburger martyr
2 - pissed jeans - false jesii part 2
3 - shorty - last one in my mouth is a jerk
4 - bundle of hiss - amphetamine
5 - hex machine - nurse me back to hell
6 - halo of flies - death of a fly
7 - stnnng - my golden oldie
8 - lubricated goat - beyond the grave
9 - sloy - chocolate sperm
10 - cows - life after beth
11 - flipper - way of the world
12 - dwarves - we must have blood
13 - ipecac - the self-detonating nuclear family
14 - descendents - weinerschnitzel
15 - god bullies - i want to kill you
16 - fuckemos - 80 gay sailors
17 - killing joke - the wait
18 - faith no more - we care a lot
19 - soul asylum - somebody to shove
20 - the jesus lizard - panic in cicero
21 - surgery - slap
22 - butthole surfers - i saw an x-ray of a girl passing gas (live)
23 - melvins - amazon
24 - ministry - cannibal song
25 - uspidedown cross - battalion of rats
26 - slug - sore thumb
27 - kittens - piccolo
28 - nomeansno - 0+2=1
29 - young widows - old skin
30 - ventura w/ david yow - it's raining on one of my islands
31 - tom waits - earth died screaming
32 - sonic youth - titanium exposé

DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new radio show, Mr. Ipecac sir, but I think a minute's silence may be in order for our fallen comrade The Worried Well! What's up with that. I call shenanigans on the demise of the aformentioned superlative blog. Anyhoo, all the best with the radio show... Noise Rock for the masses, whether they like it or not. Amen.

kittyempire said...

It were me what commented above, like, and now that Big Fat Satanist AND The Worried Well have dropped orf the interweb map I am a VERY sad panda, but having said that, long live SGM and GGB, bring me good music every day kind sirs, as long as weather permits. Jesus Lizard rules.

sh1tb3ard said...

Do you have to live in the people's republik of Austin to listen to the chocolate buttcrack radio show?

j said...

glad to hear about yr radio resurrection. sorry to hear 'bout the worried well. Nice track listing you got goin', can't wait to give it a BUMP!

ipecac said...

anyone can go to the link at the right time and will be at the right place:

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