Friday, June 11, 2010

R.I.P. Worried Well

That was a great source for hard to find music, and will be missed.
May I suggest that the former Worried Well be absorbed by Shiny Grey Monotone? Super-blog powers...ACTIVATE!


Roger Camden said...


didn't expect that one

Stephen Hawkwind said...

This is I/him/it. The Well was taken (no notice, no nothing) down but I've changed names and I'll have something going by next week I hope, I think Sunday will be mostly World Cup and uploading.

It's been for the best, I was getting bored but I'm pissed off enough now to keep going for a good while.

Thanks for noticing.

Employee said...

I was sadden by this on my daily blog check as well. You were/are one of the good ones. Look forward to the future (Sunday).

Anonymous said...

Worried Well was the best blog for obscure shit. He turned me on to alot of cool tunes. A sad day indeed

kittyempire said...

Yes, new blog please Stephen! Worried Well was fantastic....


Well Worried said...

Got some posts up so I'm off and running, even got some live Melvins for your ass. Oh yeah, I ditched Stephen Hawkwind once I sobered up.

spig said...

dear worried well,

You are deeply missed. Please get your new blog up and running.


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