Friday, July 24, 2020

Christ On A Crutch - Kill William Bennett!

Label: Black Label
Year: 1990

Two songs of foot-on-the-floor raging hardcore out of the Pacific Northwest that featured the bass player for Brotherhood, Nate Mendel,who would go on to play in Galleon's Lap, then Sunny Day Real Estate, and then...who can keep up? Drummer Eric Akre played with Mendel later in Galleon's Lap, as well as Treepeople, Kill Sybil, and Juno...for what it's worth.

But more importantly, Christ On A Crutch were a ripping band. So ripping in fact, that my one opportunity to see them play was at the Miracle House Of Rock in Greensboro, NC when they came through with Amenity, resulted in my good buddy being compelled to lie on his back in the middle of the pit (assumingly under the cosmic influences of ripping hardcore), which, inevitably lead to his "bikini area" being so thoroughly stomped (inadvertently, I may add) that COAC stopped the show out of respect for the carnage they had unwittingly unleashed. Took a good 10 minute breather for my friends "tenders" to regain their composure, I believe there were threats of involving paramedics, and the show commenced and a good time was had by all. Christ On A Crutch were superb (as were Amenity, by the by), and I hope you all had the chance to catch them during their brief tenure. 

Also: don't ever lie down in a moving circle pit. Highly inadvisable.

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Anonymous said...

this is one of my favorite 7"ers ever. wish i could have seen that amenity show hot damn. love, phil.

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