Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bloarzeyd - new ep

released 2007

i recently had gone band hopping through the myspace...and came across these folks out of new haven,ct

one guy plays the bass and sings
one guy plays the drums

and what you get is something akin to godheadsilo (duh)...old school melvins...some visceral big black...a dab o' dazzling killmen...perhaps a little unsane-age...and of course a little jucifer

hey...look at me not comparing a band to the jesus lizard! oh yeah!

and all of this goes on under the watchful eye of resident SGM "recordist" steve albini

rumor has it...the band once frightened a high school kid so bad that he pissed himself and fell off the stage

now if i leave a show and my pants are dry...i'll approach the band and demand that they wet my pants for it's good to know there's a band out there that knows what i like

this is like the after effects of challenging a blind person to a staring contest...and then getting hit in the head from behind by a concerned citizen (and i don't mean getting hit by an object...i mean the concerned citizen running up behind you and literally throwing themselves at the back of your head)

so yeah...

DL: new ep

and this is the part where you watch them...


Stump Sock said...

Did anybody else download this and have trouble with track 4 being corrupted?

Anyway, awesome upload.

Brushback said...

Bloarzeyd are great.

muzach said...

Yeah, track 4 didn't work for me either. I'd like to get it though...these guys sound great!

Gray said...

christ almighty, this is good.
what else has this band belched out?

thanks for posting.

ARXELAOS said...

Huge thanks man!! Im into bass bandS! Is there anything else from these guys?

Bronson said...

anyone ever heard of Milkmine from Cincinnati?
they had a record on Choke, Inc.
its one of my favorite records ever.
this sounds very similar.

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