Wednesday, July 22, 2009

400 Blows 3-19-98

Sorry for the lack of posts on my part. I've been out fruitbooting across California in search of the ultimate summer.
Memories... Saw these guys at a skatepark in Costa Mesa, CA in 99' and was totally blown away by their magic. Voice, guitar and drums. No bullshit. 2nd time I saw em' they blew At the Drive In and the Murder City Devils off the stage. I was even lucky enough to have my old band play with them several times and have them blow us off the stage too. If you're into fuzzy guitars, yelling and mathematical drumming, check. this. shit. out. PS- their second record is around here as well...



Gray said...

there is an error with the download.

that promo shot of the band enjoying nature in full fascist regalia is fantastic! hail 400 blows!

FruitBooter said...

it should be fixed.
it never fucking sticks the first time!

Gray said...

well played. fixed indeed.

TONA said...

Excellent band, thanks!

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