Tuesday, July 21, 2009

lost & found video night: vol.1

do you like mixtapes?

do you like making your friends sit through awkward moments?

do you like children's songs about the penis and vagina?

have you ever thought to yourself "man,star trek is awesome...but i wonder what it's like in turkey?"

wanna see crispin glover on drugs almost take out david letterman with a fatal leg kick to the face?

do you have a penis pump but aren't really sure what goes where?

wanna see mr.t get all motivational all over yer ass?

two words: masturbating walrus

if any of the above mentioned things don't make you want to see this...there could very well be something wrong with you and you may want to either start ingesting some sort of "helping agent" or contacting someone that could help you get such a thing

i mean...come on...MASTURBATING WALRUS

if that doesn't make you want to gather the family around the tv/computer screen...maybe this will help: action figure porn


DL: pt.1
DL: pt.2
DL: pt.3
DL: pt.4
DL: pt.5
DL: pt.6
DL: pt.7

as per usual...if this gives anyone a problem...you can either kick your dog or leave a comment


Anonymous said...

Part 6 has CRC error. Tried it twice from different machines. :(

Anonymous said...

part 6 is broken link. please re-post. i gotta see this shit.

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