Monday, July 20, 2009

Zeni Geva - Total Castration

Label: Public Bath
Year: 1991

Zeni Geva posts have been some of the most downloaded items that I have put up on this here bloggity-blog, so I see no reason to get too balls deep into describing this particular album. It would appear that you folks are well aware of Zeni Geva's ability to mangle a metal riff into submission, and choke out their listeners with a claustrophobic vitriol rarely seen this side of Osaka. You got all that right?
So, there's no point in mentioning that this was recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini? You got that too huh?
And, I would be repeating myself to mention that K.K. Null's lyrics seem destined to hurt your feelings, wouldn't I?
And far be it from me to remind you of the scathing death/hardcore/industrial scraping you're about to embark on. That'd be a waste of time right?

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Mars said...

Saw them around the time of Freedom Bondage (I think) up in Portland,Me. They were awesome and I smoked all my weed with KK Null and Tabata got pissed when he realized he missed the boat! Like, REALLY pissed, stormed out of the club and everything!

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