Monday, July 20, 2009

Barkmarket - Peacekeeper

Label: Mans Ruin
Year: 1995

Fuck yeah, Mans Ruin and Barkmarket, together at last, forever, whatever. The once untouchable record label put out this four song gem from the also once untouchable (well...let's say "hard-to-touchable") band Barkmarket. This was recorded around the same time as the "Gimmick" lp, which was also their first major label record (I guess technically "Vegas Throat" was reissued by American, sooooooo maybe that's their first major label record) , so consequently this period of the band gets pretty well dogged out by the purists of the world (hello, kettle?). But in hindsight, there's no great departure from the first rumblings of this band to the last gasp. If you like art damaged, metallic, noisy, vaguely industrial, pounding rock, then you can pretty much jump into the Barkmarket catalog wherever you want and you'll be just fine.  
It's a good record that's not too easy to come by these days, so enjoy.


proven hollow said...

one of the best bands ever. glad i got to see them.

Kip Destructo said...

aww, you've been reading my diary!?!?! shame on you. I just found the "put on your rubbers album" you wrote about in your diary (no luck with the heath ledger nude autopsy photos you also wrote about). pretty soon you'll be dancing around in your cheetah print thongs pelvic thrusting the night away to the glorious rhythms of "frogs"

litanarch said...

Good stuff. I'd almost forgotten these folks and how much I managed to love their racket when I was a misanthropic teenage fuckwit. Thank you kindly, you adorable shitbag.

Oh yeah, pour vous:

The Easy Listening Record:


Lard Room:

proven hollow said...

makes me want to listen to vegas throat again. can you up it so i dont have to go to the attic and dig through boxes and then burn it to my 'puter?

Gray said...

i will post "vegas throat" very soon...maybe tonight.

because i love you. i literally L-O-V-E you.

remember that Warhorse shirt you gave me? i finally had to cut the sleeves off because the shoulders had been "Phil'd" (get the pun), and were permanently in clothes hanger position. now it shows off my guns. totally sikk!

proven hollow said...

fricken sweet, i hope you cut the sleeve slits all the way down to the waste for the extra airflow while "pickin up change".

Roger Camden said...

barkmarket is great

first found out about them (and Sardy) in an article (or interview) about Limp Bizkit
guitarist Wes Borland was a big fan (and it shows)

great band

Anonymous said...

Just realized I should hear some Barkmarket... and now the links don't work

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