Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Noothgrush - Failing Early, Failing Often

Label: Slap A Ham
Year: 2001

Switching gears...or rather, taking our hands off the controls and letting the whole machine hurdle down the side of a mountain (in slow motion)...here's Noothgrush for you.
This record compiles a bunch of compilation and demo tracks, which is handy, cause this band was all over a shit ton of different records in the late 90s, and who has the ability to track down the elusive Satan's Pimp "You Got The Love" 7" (truth be told...I have it)?!
Noothgrush rode the filthy black tar wave of West Coast Power Violence at a time when Pessimiser, Slap A Ham, Satan's Pimp, Deep Six, Bovine, Sound Pollution, Six Weeks, etc. were smearing our fanzine reading hands with an onslaught of fast/slow, sludge/grind, freak outs every month that challenged the notion of hardcore versus metal versus noise. These guys (and girl) planted their flag on the slower and lower end of the spectrum, dragging their riffs behind them after clubbing them into submission.
Punishment after sobering punishment. Self-hatred of the highest order. Kill your boss? Fuck that, kill your entire block.



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