Friday, September 26, 2014

Them Teeth - S/T Demo

Label: self released
Year: 2014

Hot off the (digital) presses! The newest thing you have to have that you didn't even know existed!
Stop whatever it is you're doing (which frankly, if you're reading this, how important could it be?! I mean, raise your hand if you're curing cancer or engineering some sort of humanoid artificial Right, chances are you're either avoiding work in your cubicle, or your shift ended hours ago, so get off your fucking high horse), and fire this fucking thing up!
Six songs that read like echoes off some beer-soaked dive bar's walls...sounds that originated in 1989, but have gathered steam and pulled in newer tones and weight as they bounced from Tar to Hammerhead to Dazzling Killmen to Janitor Joe to Brainiac to Karp to Clockcleaner to Young Widows to Metz to Great Falls and into your life. A distinct strain of noise rock that's been spit shined (well, relatively's not what your mother would consider "cleaned up") and beaten into shape by three guys you remember from hanging around the auto shop in high school, well before you were even aware they offered auto shop at your school. Dirt under the fingernails type shit.
They say that there is an ex-member of the Whip in this band, which I don't quite understand as I was under the impression the Whip was a three piece Joe Preston (not in Them Teeth), Jared Warren (not in Them Teeth) and Scott Jernigan (unfortunately deceased), but, ok.
I'm going to put this demo somewhere on the spectrum between "essential" and "fucking get on it!"'s absolutely something you re going to want playing as you get in that last jet ski ride of the season.



Ben said...

Hey! Ben from Them Teeth/Rough Rope here. Our drummer is actually from a defunct MI band called "Idol and the Whip". Just wanted to clear up the confusion. Thanks a lot for sharing this!!!

Gray said...

Ah...makes more sense. Thanks for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

It is a mutherfucking shame that I cannot ride 6 blocks and see these filthy bastards at the Ice Pick. I am sad.

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