Tuesday, August 23, 2016

the folk implosion - walk through this world with the folk implosion

label: drunken fish records
released: 1994

right off the bat you may find yourself thinking "why does the album cover remind me of daniel johnston?"
i found myself thinking that as well.
and it's probably because it kinda sorta resembles his "hi,how are you" drawing.
at least that's what it was for me.
the daniel johnston thing was around first though.

also: both the folk implosion and daniel johnston were both on the soundtrack to the movie KIDS.

with all of that being said....
if you like the one you'll probably like this as it has that lo-fi "we just recorded this in a bedroom" thing going on.

and if'n you're already aware of who this band is then you're already aware that dinosaur jr/sebadoh member lou barlow was a member.

and if you're not....
dinosaur jr/sebadoh member lou barlow was a member of this band.

and there are nirvana and tom petty covers to be found here as well.


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Ghetta said...

Any chance of re-up? Folk Implosion EPs are hard to find this days.

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