Tuesday, August 23, 2016

v/a - kids: original motion picture soundtrack

label: london records
released: 1995

"you know what,man. you say that daniel johnston and the folk implosion were on some soundtrack to some movie together but i don't believe you. i don't. you say a lot of things. like that time you tried to convince me that black flag were on tour opening for some band called blink 182. or like the time you tried to convince me that rodney dangerfield and jeff goldblum were the same person."

well be prepared to have egg on your face because BAM!

if you're confused by any of this go here.

but i'm not here to gloat.
i'm here to provide you with a soundtrack.
a soundtrack to that party you'll have when your parents are out of town and the morning after.
because that's what kids do,yeah?
a soundtrack to jumping the fence at the pool because it's too hot.
a soundtrack to things we can't really discuss here.
because daddy never understood that you were up to no good.

1 - daniel johnston - casper
2 - deluxx folk implosion - daddy never understood
3 - folk implosion - nothing gonna stop
4 - folk implosion - jenny's theme
5 - folk implosion - simean groove
6 - daniel johnston - casper the friendly ghost
7 - folk implosion - natural one
8 - sebadoh - spoiled
9 - folk implosion - crash
10 - folk implosion - wet stuff
11 - lo-down - mad fright night
12 - folk implosion - raise the bells
13 - slint - good morning,captain


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