Monday, September 16, 2019

buck satan and the 666 shooters - bikers welcome! ladies drink free

released: 2012
label: 13th planet

y'all know about al jourgensen always promisin' to release that there country album,right? well he went and done did it (back in 2012). what've those duke boys gotten themselves involved in? if'n you can picture a trucker that's been up for 4 days with his eyes all red as the last of the yellow jackets is taking way too long to leave his system and he's sittin' at a table off in the corner of some second rate bar/strip club that's just off the interstate and his right leg is just buckin' up and down as some lovely lookin' lady that goes by the name mersaydeez is doin' her think up on a stage to a song called "i hate every bone in your body but mine" you know what ya'll are gettin' here.

so if'n you like yourself some hank III or some david allan coe or some ladies and gentlemen,mr. conway twitty.....


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