Friday, September 20, 2019

voivod - dimension hatross demo

released: 1987
label: self-released

ah,those kooky wacky canucks.
canada's metallica (except they've remained consistent).
what more can i say about them?
most of you probably didn't make it past the "canada's metallica" statement.
are you seething?
i meant no disrespect by it.
and i did say that they've stayed consistent.
i even enjoy ANGEL RAT.
and then there's the rarely talked about NEGATRON album (aka their pantera album).
i've been a fan ever since my first hearing of the NOTHINGFACE album.
what more do you want from me?
i can never win with you.
i don't even know why we hang out.
yes i do.
but i'm not going to tell you.


1 comment:

Sean said...

Thanks, Dimension Hatross is one of the finest concept albums ever recorded, right up there with Pink Floyd's "The Wall". The first 4 Voivod albums are my absolute favs but I dig most of what they've recorded over the years.

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