Wednesday, September 18, 2019

v/a - endangered species

released: 1990
label: glitterhouse records

i like to go back in time via the calendar off to the left  just to take a look at things. to relive memories. to see if any of the food i left behind has been touched. and then the next thing i know i come to in a ditch next to a cornfield wearing only my underpants and i have a headache and i stink of sweat and stale beer (which is weird because i don't even like beer). it's always a different cornfield. and let me tell ya,kids....there's a difference between "coming to" and "waking up".

and then sometimes i come across something that was posted and its time had run out and some folks would like a chance to snag it up again. so that's what this is,folks. snag.

1 - bullet lavolta - hello there*
2 - bitch magnet - white pieces of bread
3 - cows - good cop
4 - bastards - groovy space man
5 - halo of flies - clowns
6 - monster magnet - murder
7 - surgery - losida slide
8 - codeine - castle
9 - helios creed - boxing the clown
10 - bored! - christine
11 - green river - ain't nothin' to do**
12 - unsane - four sticks***

*=cheap trick cover
**=the dead boys cover
***=led zeppelin cover


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone has informed you yet, but it's not possible to download 'Endangered Species' via Mediafire. Getting a Permission Denied due to the potential lost earnings from Amazon for Green River.
This is disappointing, as I don't have this comp. and the track selection looks mighty fine.
I don't know if the fact that the one track that's preventing downloads is released by Sub Pop means anything, but it probably does!
BTW the person/people at shinygreymonotone do a swell job. Thanks

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