Wednesday, September 25, 2019

v/a - fortune cookie prize

released: 1992
label: simple machines

i can tell by the t-shirt that you're wearing that you enjoy a good cover band.
beloitster cult.
that's fun.
so maybe you could take some liking in this as well.
there's a band called beat happening.
the music they make sounds as if it could've been recorded in a bedroom.
not like the sort of beating that is happening in your bedroom....
you don't think your mother and i know what's going on in there?
does one really need that many issues of national geographic?
and what about those catalogs?
you know the ones i'm talking about.
you wouldn't look good in those sorts of bras and you know it.
but what do i care,right?
i just have to sleep on the other side of the wall from you is all.
you're the reason the dog left home.

but i'm getting away from my point....

beat happening.
they're from olympia,wa.
there are other places in that state that aren't seattle.
don't argue with me.
the band's singer runs the label K records.
what do you mean "what are records?!"
y'know even though i'm your father i'm pretty sure that you were adopted.
what we have here are some bands showing their appreciation of beat happening.
not those beat happenings.
why am i even talking to you?
how did you even get out of the attic?

1 - the cannanes - tribute
2 - velocity girl - tales of brave aphrodite
3 - leaky chipmunk - our secret
4 - scrawl - bad seeds
5 - seaweed - foggy eyes
6 - kim,thurston+epic - black candy
7 - geek - night moves on the catwalk
8 - love child - ponytail
9 - unrest - i love calvin
10 - superchunk - nancy sin
11 - fish+roses - youth
12 - whorl - this many boyfriends club


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