Tuesday, June 30, 2009

u.s. maple - talker

released 1999

this is what would happen if david yow decided to go into a studio and record his own bob dylan/rolling stones tribute album...

by himself

DL: talker


Dr. and Mrs. Nick Pyle said...

so long, bonus.

i love this album. if you claim to like weird/confrontational/esoteric rock music, you'll be into this.

and if you don't get it, you never ever will.

Matt said...

one of the best bands ever. al johnson and co. are fucking zany.


Anonymous said...

wow, it's kind of idiotic to reference david yow so much. it's as if you can't find the qualities in anything that isn't made by david yow. oh, and by the way, no discredit to him, but david yow was the least thrilling component of the jesus lizard.

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