Saturday, October 4, 2008

the red scare - strangers die everyday

released in 2001

what these kids from knoxville,tn did was mix equal parts of fugazi (maybe due the fact that don zientara produced this album) with equal parts of pageninetynine

and now i'll throw some more band names at you:

unwound...kerosene 454...joan of arc...cap'n jazz...milemarker

make up your mind?
wash your hands


Jarrod said...

Great band, great album. Anyone have their first album, "Capillary Lockdown"?

James Joyce said...

I don't know about any Cap'n Jazz or Joan of Arc comparisons. I always thought 400 Years myself. We used to play with them a lot, and they were always great guys, but I thought their music was a bit of a throwback that was too soon. People ate it up, though.

Manel said...

one of the guys of the Red Scare is doing some prog-post-kraut-rock that is totally lame, Cloudland Canyon.
thanks for this record!

Manel said...

I just amazoned this motherfucker for 0.59 $. this purchase has really made my day, consuming can be fun!

greg reju said...

The drummer is now the guitarist-singer in the noise Baltimore dudes New Brutalism !

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