Sunday, February 21, 2010


Label: Eve Recordings
Released 1992

After posting the Oil Seed Rape CD someone rather unsubtly mentioned this band, Headcleaner. Strangely enough I was debating between the bands before the post. A noise rock band with a distinct UK feel to it. If you owned Fat Axl by Silverfish and Hate Songs in E Minor by Fudgetunnel then there is a high chance that you would of owned something by this band.



Peter Tron said...

there was another UK band i recall at the time called 'the loveblobs'. they played a session on john peel's show and put out an LP. Have you got any [i think i have the LP on file on a dvd somewhere...]


Anonymous said...

whoa! cheers for this. i was the Headcleaner shouting guy on the OilSeedRape thread. here's a 320 encoding of their Boogieman EP

Peter Tron said...

cheers for the boogieman ep anon!

zokuchou said...

Hey PT. Yeah, I've got the Loveblobs album on CD, which also contains their first 12". I'll post it on here at some point.

porn horse tony said...

i saw headcleaner play in 1992 or 93 i think. i was wearing the same Milk t-shirt (another good noisy london band of the time) as the singer.
anyone with any milk want to post rash or tantrum?

Anonymous said...

HEACLEANER & MILK were really two great noise bands from UK.
Please post the LOVEBLOBS CD. Thanks in advance.


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