Sunday, February 21, 2010


Label: Bad Vugum
Released 1994

Hailing from Finland and on the often described "legendary" Bad Vugum record label by Mr Peel I bring to you Sweetheart. As with a lot of stuff on this record label it's pretty zany stuff. Think maybe a European version of the Cows & Brainiac combined mixed in with some Birthday Party. Then leave out in the cold for 10 hours then defrost by using firecrackers.



Peter Tron said...

It's bloody hard finding bad vugum stuff anywhere these days, but i do have some circle, the vacuum cleaners, deep turtle and keukhot if your interested?. don't suppose you've got more BV stuff knocking about?

zokuchou said...

I got more Sweetheart & Radiopuhelimet plus I got both the "If it ain't the snow, it's the mosquitoes" BV comps on SFTRI. Plus I got a Circle 7" released on VHF. I'd be interested in the stuff you have - do you wanna post them on the forum? Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Bad vugum still has this lp in stock, wouldn't say it's hard to find...go to and click "buy".

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