Sunday, February 21, 2010

hum - 12.31.00 - empty bottle - chicago,il

seeing as how folks in SGMville seem to like them some hum...i'm giving you all their "last show"

and if you happened to miss the other last shows since then...they're playing on memorial day (that's may 31) in chicago's millennium park

1 - winder
2 - the pod
3 - mr. lazarus
4 - suicide machine
5 - green to me
6 - iron clad lou
7 - afternoon with the axolotls
8 - inklings
9 - stars
10 - comin' home
11 - i hate it too

DL: hum@empty bottle 12.31.00


Anonymous said...

There's also lots of good Hum stuff at

Anonymous said...

righteous post! thanks..

dgen said...

I remember seeing them in grand rapids,mi long time ago.. awesome energy live.. great band good post!

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I was at this show, and it was at the Metro with Flaming Lips.

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