Sunday, February 21, 2010

far - water & solutions

released 1998

some of you might think that this really doesn't belong here

some of you might think that this fits in nicely amongst everything else and recall some fond memories of days gone past

some of you might find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful wife

and you might ask yourself "well,how did i get here?"

speaking for myself...i fall into option number 2 (go on...get it out of your system..i said number 2...yeah yeah)

i can't remember how it was i was turned onto this album...more than likely it was through some random sampler cd i had managed to pick up back in the day

but anytime i play takes me back to summer (but no summer in particular)

perhaps i'm just rambling

it was my posting of hum (found down under) that made me want to post this as well

so if you like hum...some AROUND THE FUR-era deftones...some jawbox...and wish frontman jonah matranga's current "band" onelinedrawing weren't so still existing...

DL: water & solutions


Anonymous said...

I think it hints more of Jawbreaker than Jawbox. That said, very good album and thanks for posting another unheard gem for me.

proven hollow said...

i really preferred tin cans and strings over this album. apparently they are back together and workingon a new album?

ipecac said...

well...hopefully that one line drew itself into a wall

i remember seeing footage of the "band" at hellfest 2004...and the whole thing just seemed kind of awkward

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