Wednesday, March 20, 2019

death grips - exmilitary

released: 2011
label: third worlds

"what is this...this...this hipster shit doing here? is this what you're into now,bro? you disappear and then come back and....this? is this what you listen to while you're standing in line at the starbucks trying to decide what kind of foam you want on your...your...i dunno...whatever the shit they have there! i mean...."

let me stop you there.

1: i am the furthest thing from a hipster that you can imagine. i'll slap some butter on that manbun and fucking eat it.

2: have you ever been inside of a starbucks? i would love it if'n death grips were to be playing whilst i'm standing in line waiting to order my LARGE (fuck that grande shit) iced caramel macchiato with extra espresso. go in and order up a piece of their chocolate cheesecake and then come talk to me.

ok. i apologize for coming off a wee bit aggressive there. caffeine does that to a person. it's not you. it's me. well. it's a little bit you. what? why don't you come closer and say that? don't you raise that eyebrow at me,steven! i don't care if it's not your name! you'd better....

again i'm sorry.
perhaps i should've went to the park and ran around with the squirrels to try and get rid of some of this energy.
but i'm not allowed to to that anymore because i apparently freak people out when they see me running out in public for whatever reason.
they talked about it on the news the other day.
did you see it?
i had my mom tape it if'n you'd like to come over and watch it with me later.
what do you mean you have something else to do?
you're standing there in a pair of jogging pants and a sleeveless ELO t-shirt.
come on now.

ok ok ok ok ok ok.

death grips.
this could maybe be considered the "millennial PAUL'S BOUTIQUE".
i don't know.
it just sounded right.
the band samples everything from the beastie boys to black flag to charles manson to pink floyd to david bowie to the pet shop boys.
what do you mean by "what's PAUL'S BOUTIQUE"?!
i'm going to have to let that one slide because if i don't the vein in my forehead is going to explode and blood will get all over that ELO t-shirt and then i'll have to pay for it to be cleaned and....
like i'd pay for that to be cleaned.
i don't even know why i'm standing here talking to you.
does the name zach hill ring a bell at all?
i didn't think so.
he's a member of this band.
he plays the drums.
he's played the drums with some other folks as well.
there's hella and team sleep and crimes in choir and joan of arc and....
but what do you care because something tells me that your favorite drummer is lars ulrich.
and it's probably post AND JUSTICE FOR ALL lars ulrich.

i'm done.


and in case you're wanting some death grips karaoke here's an instrumental version of the album: DL

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telabs said...

You'd eat hair? Gross.

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