Monday, November 28, 2016

Helmet - Blacktop

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1991

Live recording from February 28, 1991 prior to the release of 'Meantime', when the band was playing extra mean. And, bonus, they start the set with my personal favorite 'Sinatra', right into 'FBLA', pretty hard to beat. And, double bonus (triple if you're keeping actual score), there are two unidentified, ostensibly unreleased songs in the set. Chances are there's a super sleuth out there who could identify them both (the first one sounds like the chorus is "Drag", the second one has some growled monosyllabic chorus I can't make out), but McGruff I ain't, so for now they remain 'Unknown'.
What are you waiting for?



FiveGunsWest said...

Whoa! Too freakin' cool. Thanks alot!

slave_guard said...

Wow, blast from the past.

So, the song "Unknown 2" is indeed the song "Rock Messiah" from the 1989 demo they recorded with Steve Albini (compare the "Bow to me"-chorus).
"Unknown 1" will forever be a mystery. Peter Mengede once said that the song "never had a proper name because it was a throwaway track anyway". I myself asked Page some years ago after a concert, he said he couldn't even remember that song.
I think another version of one of those songs is on the (wrongly) named "Bad Moon" bootleg. IF you could upload, I'll thank you in advance.

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