Friday, March 23, 2012

replicator - " " ep

released 2002

you may recall seeing another replicator album posted here awhile back

but...they were called the jesus they were being the jesus lizard for halloween (have you ever seen HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH? remember the masks,yeah? something tells me that's what it's like to be the jesus lizard for halloween)

and now you get to hear the boys being themselves

and by being themselves...they sound like jawbox recording a jesus lizard album

or the jesus lizard recording a jawbox album

either makes me think of the band your enemies friends at times...and racebannon...and the butthole surfers...and fugazi...

you know...just get this and listen to it...and the names of bands will come to you too

the band broke up back in 2008

and since then...the band's bass player ben adrian went and started the band guitar vs gravity...vocalist conan neutron and drummer formed a band called mount vicious (which then split up in 2009)...

since then...conan neutron now fronts the band victory and associates...and chris bolig rejoined replicator bandmate ben adrian in a band called cartographer

and to answer your question...yes...guitar vs gravity still exists

DL: " " ep


Anonymous said...

Can you post Winterval by Replicator?

Anonymous said...

hi ipecec,
this comment is not relevant to this particular post.
it comes as a request for a re-up for an old post - "matt gawa - ba"
i am really interested in that album and it is not to be found anywhere else. your help on the matter would be highly appreciated.

ipecac said...

you want more replicator?

here be more replicator:

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