Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Slug - The Out Sound

Label: PCP
Year: 1994

Originally posted way back when, but long gone to the sands of time. Requested today by Friend-Of-The-Blog Chris Moree, and when he says "jump", we say "you're high".
If you don't remember Slug, or you missed Slug because you're 16 years old or a square or something, then please know that they epitomize the style of music this blog was founded on. It needs to be big, ugly, relentless, and rocking. Slug does this in spades. They barrel out of the speakers and right through the back of your skull, never even bothering to look back. If you're lucky they will pause for a few minutes over your twitching corpse to take in the carnage with a steaming hot cup of peyote tea...but it's doubtful, Slug seems pretty busy.

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