Sunday, March 11, 2012

snail - self-titled

released 1993

you may recall me posting this back in 2009

but as i was posting the atomic 61 album down got me to thinking about this album

and some of you may recall my story of the connection between me and this album (particularly a song called "deep see fishin'")

and if you don' it is:

are you like me and hate it when you come across a pretty kick-ass song on the radio and you say to yourself "man...i need to find out who this is!"...and then you listen intently as it's followed by another song...and then another...and then another...and then the dj finally comes on and announces the song that was previously played and then goes into a commercial

this happened to me back in 1993...i was living in iowa (just outside of davenport)...and every sunday there was a show i listened to religiously called OFF THE BEATEN TRACK (98.8 from 6:00pm-midnight) see...back then the radio was actually worth listening to as there was no such thing as a nickleback or the like clogging the airwaves with their brand of diarrhea (and you may be asking yourself "how does diarrhea plug?"...oh it does,my friend,it does...just go and turn on the radio to any fm'll see...and be sure to wear a raincoat) there i was with my tape all cued up (yeah...i was one of those people) and a song came on that caught my i hit record and sat there...and then it was over...though i'm pretty sure the dj said who the band was (he always did) i didn't remember the name of the band or the name of the song...and for some reason the song always stuck with me...and i continued to search for it...and somewhere along the line i had convinced myself that it was the band seaweed (you're probably thinking "why didn't you just call the station and ask about it?"....hey man...whose story is this anyway?....that's right)

so fast forward to last week...i was just doing some random browsing through the internets and i came across this i read some stuff about them...sounded pretty i downloaded 2 of their albums and went on about my day

fast forward to a few days ago...i was going through some of the random downloads i'd managed to pile up and i came to i cracked this album open...and within the first 2 seconds of the opening song "deep see fishin'" a smile took over my entire face and i let out the words "holy" and "fuck" along with a few exclamation 16 year search was finally over...and i still don't know why i thought it was the band seaweed (as they don't sound alike...but they do share a home state...that being washington) i listened to the above mentioned song more times than a normal person should probably listen to one song

and here i am sharing the album with you

and i know you just love my stories

now about snail...they come from the bethlehem of the early 1990's music scene (aka "seattle")...and by saying that you should already know what kind of sound the band has...but i'll throw around some names: nirvana...melvins...a little mudhoney...a little bit o' the fluid...some tad...some love battery...(and though not from seattle) some my bloody valentine...

and though i hate mentioning this band's name anywhere...i feel that i must...and don't let it deter you from downloading this...but at times they have a wee bit of a silverchair-like flair

but along the way they helped the whole burgeoning "stoner rock" movement crawl (ie: fu manchu...sleep (whom they played with as part of the HOLY MOUNTAIN tour)...kyuss)

so...if you're still here after reading all of that...i think you should do yourself a favor and give this a spin

as for myself...i'm going to go and take a crying game shower...thank you silverchair

good times

DL: snail


J said...

I could have sworn these dudes were from fresno. I dj'd at kfsr, fresno state radio in the mid-90's, and thought there was a local connection. Am I remembering wrong?

ipecac said...

they were originally from california...but made the move to seattle back in 2008 (i believe)

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