Sunday, March 11, 2012

janeane garofalo - hbo comedy half-hour

and now for a something a little different...

and before your feathers get all ruffled and the words "commie" and "bitch" and blah blah blah start getting thrown around...let me say this:

she's adorable and you know it

she's the girl you wanted to date back in the 90s

like you didn't watch her in MYSTERY MEN or THE BEN STILLER SHOW or REALITY BITES

so...with all that being said...this was a little something that was aired on hbo back on took place at the fillmore auditorium in san francisco,ca

and for all you may even find yourself chuckling and saying "oh man! that's dead on,m'am!"

DL: janeane garofalo: hbo comedy half-hour


veganboyjosh said...

agreed on all counts. could listen to her speak for days and days. thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

I distinctly remember masturbating to this special.

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