Tuesday, March 20, 2012

barkmarket - 1-800-godhouse

released 1988

nothin' to see here

just filling a request

move it along

hey...i said move it along

why are you just standing there?


a write up it is then

but...seeing as how i'm re-posting this as it was originally posted by that grAy fellow...i'll use his words:

"Somewhere between the atavistic grinding of Big Black, and the pulsating drone of Head Of David was Barkmarket, adding a humanistic voice to the mechanical dirge. There's a blues element injected into an otherwise academic musical approach which gave Barkmarket a unique discography.
This record was put to tape on a 4 Track, which is pretty amazing when you hear how full it sounds. There's also a John Cale cover if that floats your boat, and one live track. Final bit of trivia, the 12" featured the always annoying lock groove at the end of the final track, which threw the whole thing into a repetitive skull fuck, which is most likely the desired effect, but most listeners probably enjoy keeping their craniums dick-free for the most part. Maybe I'm being presumptuous, but that's my feeling."

DL: 1-800-godhouse


Gray said...

I'll expect my normal percentage for royalties...I'm paid by the word, right?

ipecac said...

you'll be paid in gum

as per usual

BB90 said...

can you please repost this?

Kayjayare said...

Please Re-Up This

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