Monday, March 19, 2012

Craw - The Adventures Of Cancerman 7"

Label: Supermodel
Year: 1996

This is a little curiosity from the Craw discography, a 7"/comic book about, you guessed it, Cancerman. The record is the same song on each side, the only difference being that one side has the audio cues to turn the pages. You know, the "boop" sound that means it's time to read the next page.
The song itself is total tits, no question about it. But, it's Craw, so...
My copy is autographed by Derek Hess (who did the comic as well a most of Craw's artwork, and a shit ton of concert posters for Cleveland shows), so that's pretty cool.


1 comment:

Mike Kole said...

Craw & Derek Hess are both the tits, to be sure.

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