Saturday, March 17, 2012

the united sons of toil - hope is not a strategy

released 2007

you've been coming to SGM long enough to know of the united sons of toil

i was first contacted by vocalist/guitarist/bastard son of steve albini russell hall back in 2009

he was all like "hey,bro...i think your blog wants us inside of keeps giving us the eye"

and of did want them inside of it

and it wants you inside of it as well...but that's another story for another time (and it may or may not have something to do with your meat cologne)

so he sent SGM a copy of their first and second album (this being their first)

and upon the first listen...SGM took off it's panties and threw them onstage (yeah..i wears panties...we were shocked as well)

and then i summed up their sound as:

"during these 8 songs i heard a little bit of everything: the drive in...unwound...shellac...fugazi...jawbox...and even a bit of unsane (which automatically brings in some helmet...aka "unsane lite")"

and i'd like to think that i know what i'm talking about

so take my hand...and we'll re-discover the united sons of toil

fine...i'll wear gloves...have it your way

happy birthday,drummer jason jensen

DL: hope is not a strategy

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