Tuesday, March 20, 2012

bad brains - pay to cum: 1979-1981

most of you may disagree with me on some of the things i'm about to say...but that's what i'm here for...i'm an instigator (and if you'd like sing that last part along to the bad brains "the regulator"...go right on ahead)

the bad brains were trendsetters way back when...they showed everyone that you didn't have to be caucasian to play the punk rock...and they played it faster and more precise (just listen to the beginning of the song "how low can a punk get")

they were known for their live shows (mostly due to the unpredictability of frontman h.r.)

and they pretty much laid the groundwork for forthcoming punk bands...you could hear them all over minor threat...listen to the song "I" and not think of the dead kennedy's "police truck"...and though (again) most will disagree with me on this...you can't really listen to black flag's greg ginn and not hear any dr. know (or maybe it's the other way around...who knows)

and then the reggae happened....

so i'm gonna just let all of that soak in

this is a bootleg compilation that was released on vinyl made up of some early versions of bad brains songs

DL: pay to cum: 1979-1981


Roger_Camden said...

I don't think anyone likes the Bad Brains reggae stuff.

savethecirclepit said...

Bad Brains a unfuckwithable.

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