Monday, March 26, 2012

rollins band - the end of silence (bonus disc)

released 2002

you already know how kick-ass THE END OF SILENCE is

i've got your "low self opinion" and your "blues jam" and your "another life"...

this was a little something that was added on when the album got re-released over in the uk

1 - ghost rider (extended version) (1)
2 - do it (live: 3.2.92)
3 - crazy lover (live: 4.25.92) (2)
4 - low self opinion (live: 4.26.92)
5 - tearing (live: 4.26.92)
6 - another life (live: 4.26.92)
7 - move right in (3)/hollow man jam** (live: 4.25.92)
8 - hollow man/next time jam** (live: 4.24.92)
9 - butthole surfers jam (live: 8.23.91)

1=suicide cover
2=richard berry cover
3=lou reed cover
**=w/living colour guitarist vernon reid

DL: the end of silence bonus disc


Icky said...

Ahhh... the beginning of the end fo rthe Rollins Band.
Thanks for posting this. This was the end of James Brown-meets-Black Sabbath for Hank...

How you guys digging Zippyshare?
Seems pretty rad, thinking of utilizing it myself - feedback?

Stay up!

analogkid610 said...

3 dead links in a row I must leave before I see anything else I want but cant get

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